Our First Day School

We, at Green Street Meeting, warmly welcome children of all ages. We have two groups for children with distinct programs: primary grades and younger, and middle grades and older. Pairs of teachers provide engaging activities each week. We strive to have intergenerational happenings - family meetings, sharing our activities with the meeting as a whole at the end of meeting, special programs and so on.

The younger children meet with four different pairs of teachers who take a turn each month. In that way, children experience lively interactions with many different members of meeting in which we share what is important to us, make each other feel welcome and valued, enjoy stories, and try expressing ourselves in various media.

In the older children's group, we discuss our lives and interactions, supporting and learning from and with each other. We read and discuss the Bible, not to make the kids religious or Christian, but because thematically and narratively it provides a great basis to explore spiritual identity (and the books themselves are very old, cool, and mysterious, and that adds a certain dimension to the discussion all by itself). And we develop together long term spiritual themes, projects, and programs (the plays, the interviews, the peace projects, the murals, etc).

Children and young people spend the first 45 minutes in First Day Class in the rooms above the Social Room and then join their parents and the meeting as a whole for the last 15 minutes of Meeting for Worship.

Meeting Secretary: Bethann DiGiovanni
Office Phone: (267) 285-0553
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.